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2.0 Ton Electric Reach Truck

Description of 2.0 Ton Electric Reach Truck:

Our Zowell 2.0 ton electric reach truck is mainly used in stacking of high intensity, and it can be applied in pallet transport and stacking work in warehouses, manufacturing industries, and retail stores. Its loading capacity is from 1000kg to 2000kg. Both standing-on and sit-down types are available in Suzhou Pioneer Material Handling Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd.

Features of 2.0 Ton Electric Reach Truck:

Safety and Productivity:

1. Advanced AC (Alternating Current) control system replaces motor brushes and directional contactors, which significantly reduces maintenance requirements.
2. By decreasing battery charge intervals, intelligent regenerative brake system increases overall truck performance.
3. Multi-function display: battery state, hour meter, fault code indicator, etc.
4. Front battery roll-out system is very convenient for replacement.
5. Built-in pressure relief valve prevent trucks from overloading.
6. Deadman pedal.
7. Emergency power disconnection system.
8. Steeples speed control.


1. Low gravity centre ensures stable operation.
2. The use of articulated drive system renders stable and smooth operation. And vertically mounted drive motor system has a small turning radius and is easy to maintain.
3. The motor structure is water-proof and dust-proof.
4. The reach forks with hydraulic control make operation stable.
5. Heavy-duty German masts.


1. All pivot points have grease fittings and serviceable bushings, which contributes to reducing component abrasion and extending component lifespan.
2. The back cover of 2.0ton electric reach truck is easy to open for maintenance and adjustment of parts, such as multi-valve, accelerator, controllers, etc.

Technical Data of 2.0 Ton Electric Reach Truck:

Identification Product model FRB10-C FRB10-Z FRB13-C FRB13-Z FRB15-C FRB15-Z FRB18-C FRB18-Z FRB20-C FRB20-Z
Power supply Battery
Operating type Stand-on
Load capacity Q Kg 1000 1300 1500 1800 2000
Rated lift height h3 mm 3000 (3600,4200,5000,5600,6000,6600,7200)
Load center C mm 500
Fork carriage tilt (forward/backward) deg 3°/5°
Travel speed (full load/no load) km/h 7.7/8 8/8.5 7.5/7.8 8/8.5 9.5/10 8.8/9.3 9.2/10 8.5/9.3 8.5/9 9.1/9
Lifting speed (full load) mm/s 160 175 160 175 230 240 220 230 210 220
Max gradeability (full load) % 12 10
Min turning radius Wa mm 1430 1500 1580 1660 1700
Reach distance X mm 550 600 500 550 600
Wheelbase Y mm 1080 1130 1370 1420 1470
Service brake mechanical electronic mechanical electronic mechanical electronic mechanical electronic mechanical electronic
Turning system Mechanical Hydraulic
Controller Curtis ZAPI Curtis ZAPI Curtis ZAPI Curtis ZAPI Curtis ZAPI
Control unit type MOSFET Control
Dimensions & Weight Overall length l1 mm 1790 1820 2057 2107 2187
Main body length l2 mm 955 1257
Overall width b1 mm 1020 1200
Height of mast, extended h1 mm 2080 2120
Height of overhead guard h2 mm 330 330
Fork dimensions h4 mm 3945 4000
Min.ground clearance h5 mm 2160 2160
Forks width mm 900×100×35 900×120×35 900×120×45
Minimum ground clearance h6 mm 80
Aisle width for pallets 1200x1200 Ast1mm 2650 2700 2900 2900 2900
Aisle width for pallets 1000×1000 Ast2mm 2430 2500 2680 2680 2680
Service weight kg 1700 1800 2550 2650 2800
Electric Motor Drive motor rating kW 2.2 3.7
Lift motor rating kW 2 8.2
Battery voltage / nominal capacity V/Ah 24/390 48/450
Wheels Wheel type Solid wheel Polyurethane/solid wheel
Front wheel size mm 250×71 250×120 250×120
Drive wheel size mm 381×120 381×120
Balancing wheel size mm 170×70 170×70
Tread, front b2 mm 950 1080
Tread, rear b3 mm 506 580
As a professional manufacturer of 2.0 ton electric reach truck in China, Suzhou Pioneer Material Handling Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd also provide many other high-quality products for clients worldwide, including electric pallet truck, electric stacker, electric tow tractor, scissor lift, aerial order picker, manual warehouse equipment, customized truck, etc. Most of our products have passed the CE certification and ISO9001:2008, and they have been well received in as many as 40 different countries and regions. OEM and ODM cooperation relationships are welcome. If you need 2.0 ton electric reach truck, please contact us freely.
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