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Electric Pallet Truck


The electric pallet truck is typically designed to handle indoor horizontal materials, and mainly used to gently pick up and then move pallets. As a result, it's quite easy to transport full pallets from one place to another.


It can be used to transport groups of goods or products from one place to anther in a wide range of fields, such as pharmaceutical, food, tobacco, electricity, electrical appliances, machinery, furniture, supermarkets, etc.


Our electric pallet trucks is quite cost-efficient when used in move large loads. Its capability of accelerating material transport can help increase the productivity of entire business, which in turn leads to more economic benefit. In an age when time is money, it is quite important for labor. Our truck can ensure you reliable performance and high productivity.
As a professional manufacturer of electric pallet truck in China, Suzhou Pioneer Material Handling Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd can provide total four types of this kind of truck for you: 1.3ton, 2ton and 2.5ton pallet truck and 2ton to 10ton platform truck. We also have many other high-quality products for clients worldwide, including various electric stackers, electric reach trucks, electric tow tractors, scissor lifts, aerial order pickers, manual warehouse equipment, diverse customized trucks, etc. Most of our products have passed the CE certification and ISO9001:2008, and they have been well received in as many as 40 different countries and regions. OEM and ODM cooperation relationships are welcome. If you need electric pallet truck, please contact us freely.